Workout tips and advice for someone with a medical illness/condition

Last week’s blog post on workout tips and advice for people with a physical disability has received good feedback and so now we are now providing you information on people with a medical condition, as they are different with the advice we would give than someone with a physical disability:

Take your time on your workout

Make sure to take your time with your workout. This is because your medical condition might prevent you to rush a workout. Medical conditions like respiratory diseases (asthma, COPD) means that the body would need to do anaerobic respiration. This is when during exercise, there is not enough oxygen that can reach your muscle cells. The waste product, lactic acid, builds up in the muscles causing pain, tiredness, and cramping. This can be a problem for certain medical conditions who is unable to have enough oxygen cells in muscles and blood.

Plan out workouts that you are able to do

Before working out, our advice is to plan which type of workout you are able to do because it is good to know which ones to do to achieve the goal that you desire. Look upon the internet to see which exercise routine is good for your medical condition and your goals and see if you are able to do these workouts and adapt them to fit you as a person.

Bring someone who understands your medical condition with you on your workouts

This advice is mainly for people with suffer from any mental health conditions, however, this can be applicable to everyone. It helps to bring someone with you to the gym or to your home workouts, in general, have someone around with you whilst you do your workout. This is because in case of an emergency if you suffer from an attack or you are unable to do a workout, someone is there with you and know what the situation is. They are also there to guide you in your workout and can be a personal trainer to you as well.

If you have medication, bring them with you in your workout

This advice is not often given because it is shown to make people informed that you have a medical condition, but however, from personal experience, it is advisable to bring medication in case of an emergency and informing medical professionals of the medication that you are taking. Also, if you are working out and it is the time to have medications, you have your medication ready to take as well.

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