Why is mental health important for your wellbeing as a disabled person?

As it is Mental Health Awareness Month and Mental Health Day was yesterday (10th October), we want to dedicate a blog post to speak about an ongoing issue that is mental health? What does it benefit to people with a disability and/or a medical condition? Disabilities have been stigmatised over the past few decades, and mental health was not spoken much during those times, especially with a disabled person or a person who suffers from different medical conditions. Mental health disabilities are an example of this as people suffer from different conditions which affect their mental health.

Disability discrimination – the main cause of mental health condition as a disabled person

Anyone with a disability or medical condition can relate to this….facing discrimination or bullying. People treat disabled people as a form of difference, and this is deemed as wrong. When they are treated as a difference in modern society, their mental health state may not be in the right place and as a result can suffer from depression. They can face social isolation from other people because they feel like they are alone when it comes to a disability because they may be unaware of other disabled people who face the same type of discrimination.

They are also given fewer social opportunities as an indirect way of discrimination because they know that bringing a disabled person or a person with a medical condition is going to be tougher to take care of while out, and this means that they are not given much chance to go out with family and friends. This can cause depression and the inability to interact with others because they will be used to being alone. In a recent UK survey of people with a disability, a quarter of the respondents reported feeling lonely every day. This shows that it can cause problems such as loneliness and other conditions such as anxiety and depression

What can disabled people do to improve their mental health?

The main thing that you as a disabled person or a person with medical conditions is to talk to someone you trust, whether that is your family, friends, a teacher, a doctor or a professional such as a counsellor or mental health nurse, we are all here to listen and be with you to improve your mental health.

Another thing is to join different communities which are specific to disabled people such as Facebook groups, Whatsapp groups etc. so that you get to know many disabled people or people with medical conditions who face the same problems.

One last thing for us disabled people or people with medical conditions is that your mental health comes first, and this is extremely important because you need to take care of your wellbeing first and just make sure you are surrounded by people who love you for who you are!

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