Taking time out for your mental health – 3 activities to do to improve mental health

Mental health is one of the biggest issues that we are facing today with loads of people facing issues such as depression and anxiety, and there are so many resources for all different kinds of individual. I know this blog post is very generic, however mental health is something people know but do not act upon, and so we want to contribute to ensure that individuals are being supported in the right way. So, we have came up with activities that can help with your mental health and ways that you can improve your mental health:

Physical exercise

This probably has to come first on our list because having regular exercises and setting a routine for this can help with your mental health. Try a new spot such as football or basketball, take up fitness classes, yoga / karate / Zumba classes, go to the gym or even go for a walk. It is up to you!

Even if you are not a fitness person, going for a walk or a run will help with your mental health or even play a game which requires you to move around. A good game is Just Dance – this game allows anyone to dance to people who are learning to dance and the best thing is, you can dance along to various

chart hitting songs with your favourite artist. Check out this link to show you what this game entails:


Meditation is another mental health activity that has allowed people to improve their mental health as it allows you to handle negative emotions which has to affect your mental health and to focus your mind on the positive things in your life. There are 6 different meditation practice that you can have a read about:

· Mindfulness meditation =

· Spiritual meditation =

· Focused meditation =,without%20a%20specific%20focal%20point

· Movement meditation =,What%20is%20movement%20meditation%3F,ideal%20when%20we%20feel%20energetic.

· Mantra meditation =

· Transcendental meditation =


Therapy can be a useful activity to do to improve your mental health and letting go of worries, anxiety and issues you may have with a trusted individual makes your mindset feel better when you allow your problems and fear be out. Trusted people can include your friends, family member, colleague, or even someone who you have a close relationship with. If you feel like you do not have that support system, there are so many initiatives that allowed people to talk to like counsellors, teachers, mentors, even support groups who face similar issues and much more. You do not need to feel alone in this battle as there are so many people who you can speak to! Linked below are resources you can talk to if you are feeling alone, or drop us a message if you feel comfortable to speak to us!

Better Help:

Mind UK:


Colour therapy is one kind of therapy that I use that has allowed me to express my problems and worries. With colour therapy, I print out a blank picture with no colours and I use my colouring pencils and colour wherever you want to create a colourful picture. You could also draw the picture before colourful but I prefer to print one out because it allows you to make a colour from dull to colourful.

Templates are linked here:

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