Goals for 2021 – Reflection of 2020

This is the last blog post of 2020. So thank you everyone for supporting me this year despite a global pandemic where so many people have struggled so hard and suffered a lot as a result of this pandemic. Movement Fitness and Nutrition recently celebrated the 1 year anniversary and this allows us to reflect back upon the year.

Reflection of 2020

We have achieved quite a lot in this year where we:

· Created a YouTube channel and gaining 28 subscribers and upload 19 amazing videos for all of you guys.

· Gained our Instagram follow from 5 followers to 80 followers as well as gaining more followers on different social media platforms.

· Created amazing blog posts to motivate all of you and bringing together information to help you improve your wellbeing

· Released the Our Rights Podcast and having 6 amazing guests talk about their experience with a disability and medical conditions

The amount of success within our first year of running the business and creating content for all of you guys currently for free allows a helpful way especially during a crisis that we have faced this year with lockdowns and restrictions

Goals and Resolution for 2021

In 2021, we have come up with a few resolutions and goals that we want to achieve in 2021:

· Release our website portal and provide personalized content for you guys

· Release more videos on our YouTube and have at least 100 subscribers on our YouTube channel

· Bring out more podcast episodes and invite more inspirational people with their stories on the Our Rights Podcast

· Gain at least 200 followers on Instagram and other social media platforms

These goals are realistic, and this will allow us to reach and achieve our goals easier to be able to help all of you guys with improving your wellbeing. Once again, thank you for your support throughout 2020 despite a hard year and cannot wait for 2021 to achieve more goals and expand Movement Fitness and Nutrition to the next level.

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