FitBits: Are they worth it?

First, let’s address the question ‘what are FitBits?’.

A FitBit is an activity tracking device that can monitor your activity, exercise, the quality of sleep, food and weight. It’s a wireless watch-like device, very easy to use and practical. It’s a great way to track your activity if you want to keep track of how many calories you burn in a day to help your fitness. However, just like any product or service, it has its advantages and disadvantages, which is what this blog post will be about.

Advantages of FitBits

  • They are easy to use, the set up is very straightforward, anyone can figure out how to use it with easy therefore it's widely accessible.

  • It is very easy to monitor your progress; you can track the calories burnt during the day, track your fitness, your calorie intake and much more.

  • They keep you motivated; you can track your progress, note down your milestones and beat them. This is a very good way to motivate someone, for example for me it makes me want to beat my best score and therefore keeps me going.

  • They are very affordable; in fact, you get a one for just under £30 pounds from amazon.

  • They offer a variety of different features such as camera shutter, waterproof devices and over 14 different exercise tracking.

  • Lastly, they are very cute! So even if you are out and about you can track your daily activity.

Disadvantages of FitBits

  • FitBits can be quite inaccurate during certain activities such as cycling, swimming or weightlifting as it doesn't take to account the weight you use.

  • FitBits store your personal information and gives you the choice to either display it publicly or keep it private. However, some people can be unaware of this and therefore their details could be displayed publicly without their knowledge.

From my own experience, I wasn't very keen on FitBits at first but recently after researching about them I really liked the features included. It not only helps me keep motivated by tracking my milestones but it also helps me reach my goals. Overall, I think that the pros out-weight the cons and FitBit has a lot of wonderful features that make their flaws not matter as much. At the end of the day, it does depend on your goals and the type of workouts and exercise you do, but if you do a lot of cardio and bodyweight exercises I think it's quite useful and motivating to see your progress. Personally, for me it's very motivating to see how far I can jog and how many calories I burn doing so. However, I also do a lot of weights and resistance training which my FitBit isn't very useful for but love having it for when I go on my daily jog.

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