Coping with lockdown 3.0 as a disabled person

In the UK, they announced lockdown 3.0 which the end date of this new national lockdown is unknown, and many disabled people have been put at a disadvantage because they fit into the vulnerable group and have a lack of resources available for them to go through the national lockdown. This blog will help those who need to cope with a disability during unprecedented times:

Keeping active during the lockdown

Fitness locations such as gyms are closed and so this restricts a disabled person to keep active during the lockdown and this was a major problem with the first 2 lockdowns as well. There are many reasons why disabled people go to the gym, and it is shown that disabled people tend to have more mental health problems and the gym helps relieve this for many disabled people. One way to cope with this is to try to adapt your fitness routine at home. Find a well-spaced room and someone there to guide and support you whilst doing your workout. Use equipments around you such as a stack of books that acts as weights, and also using the support of the other person to do certain workouts such as squats and lunges. Also, watch videos and seeing which videos you are able to do and follow along! This is good especially if you are told to self-isolate or shield!

Talking to your support network in person or by using technology

There are many disabled people who may not be able to leave their homes as they might be put into a vulnerable group or maybe shielding during the COVID 19 pandemic and lockdown and so one thing that you can do is to keep in touch with people! If you live with your family or with flatmates you can always have a conversation and speak out about your struggles with the new lockdown. Alternatively, you can use video conferencing services such as Zoom to interact with your family, friends, and/or partner where they may be more than happy to have a conversation. If you do not have anyone to talk to, there are other resources that will be linked below to support you!

Pick up a new hobby

Many people are starting to pick up a new hobby during this lockdown and examples of this includes: baking, cooking, chess, board games, sports, catching up on your favorite movies and shows. This is an amazing time to pick up these new hobbies. A hobby that I have personally picked upon is spirituality and astrology, and this has kept me satisfied and content during the national lockdown because I am learning something new. This is also a great time to get back into a hobby or interest that you left behind as well and making sure this is getting consistent!

These are just some of the things you can do during this new national lockdown. I know it is a tough time for everyone and has certainly disadvantaged me as a disabled person. However, I have adapted to new things and trying to get through this time in a positive way!

Linked below are some other resources which can help you during lockdown 3.0:

· Call Scope on 0808 800 3333 or email them at

· Email us at – we are always here to support us

· Join these Facebook groups:




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