All about EDS (Ehler-Danos Syndrome)

Educating yourself in different conditions and advocating self-love while having a disability and Ehler Danos Syndrome is one of these. We will tell you what EDS is and what can you do to support someone with EDS.

What is Ehler-Danos Syndrome?

Ehler-Danos Syndrome is a condition that affects the connective tissues in the body, and they tend to be rare and inherited. Connective tissue is what the body uses to provide strength and elasticity; normal connective tissue holds strong proteins that allow the tissue to be stretched but not beyond its limit, and then safely return that tissue to normal. Connective tissue is found throughout the body, and Ehlers-Danlos syndromes are structural problems. There are different symptoms of EDS which can include: joint hypermobility (joints that stretch further than normal), skin hyperextensibility (skin that can be stretched further than normal), and tissue fragility.

Different types of EDS

There are about 13 different of EDS with the most common types of below:

Classical EDS = tends to affect the skin more and may have:

o Joint hypermobility

o Loose, unstable joints

o Stretchy skins

o Fragile skin

o Smooth, velvety skin

o Wounds that are slow to heal

o Hernias

o Organ prolapse

Hypermobile EDS = this can include:

o Joint hypermobility

o Loose, unstable joints

o Joint pain / clicking joints

o Extreme fatigue

o Bruising skin

o Digestive problems (heartburn and constipation)

o Dizziness / increased heart rate

o Internal organs problems

o Bladder control problems

Vascular EDS = rare type of EDS which can include:

o Bruising skin

o Thin skin

o Fragile blood vessels

o Organ problems

o Hypermobile fingers and toes

Supporting someone with EDS

There are different ways which a person can care and supports someone with EDS and encourage them to be supported, and this can include:

· Do your research and understand what EDS is

· Communicate with them

· Accept your own feelings and take care of your own mental health as well as them

· Encouraging your loved one that there is something more to life than just having EDS

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