We are an organisation with the aim to have a universal fitness and nutrition app for people with disabilities, medical conditions and impairments. We aim to provide a platform that everyone can use for their wellbeing and health, including video content and recipes, also with a community forum. 

At Movement Fitness and Nutrition, we aim to be inclusive and target the niche market of people with different disabilities (physical, mental, cognitive, sensory), medical issues (progressive and chronic) and impairments which may affect individuals on a daily basis. By combining modern technology with effective wellbeing, which allows customers to have access to their personalised fitness and nutrition plans twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week basis.

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CEO & Founder

"Disability has affected me massively over the past few year, but it is time to get those stigma gone forever"

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This business start-up was founded by Pravjoth Gill, who suffers from left-sided hemiplegic cerebral palsy, which is a form of paralysis which is affected on the left side of her body and so causes the muscles to get stuck in a contraction, resulting in little muscle control, chronic muscle pain, and unpredictable movements. This has prevented her from doing the majority of activities that people who do not suffer the disability do on a regular basis.